Rally is a digital health experience brought to you by BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina that offers personalized recommendations to help you move more, eat better, and feel great! You’ll get recommendations for simple activities to help improve your diet, fitness, and mood every day.
As you make progress, you’ll earn different cash incentives based on EPI’s exclusive Rewards Program!



Any employee enrolled in a BCBS Medical Plan offered by EPI is eligible to register for Rally. Spouses covered under an employee plan may also register and partake in Rally Rewards!

First Step: Health Survey

Take a fun and interactive health survey to get your Rally Age℠, which lets you see how your habits and choices affect your overall health. It’s a number that is either higher or lower than your actual age.Once you learn your Rally Age℠, you’ll receive your personalized health recommendations.

 Simply completing the survey automatically gets you started with EPI’s exclusive Rewards Program!

Rally Missions

After completing your survey and receiving your Rally Age℠, Rally will then recommend Missions for you: simple activities designed to help immediately improve your diet, fitness, and mood. It’s up to you which you choose to try out! Missions take a holistic approach to wellbeing by covering nutritional, physical, mental, and social health!

Mission examples include:

  • Eat fish this week: Twice a week is best, but even one weekly serving is good for your heart.
  • Dance anytime: It’s awesome cardio, feels great, and you can do it anytime – try putting on music and moving for 20 minutes after dinner!
  • Keep a mood diary: A mood diary helps you remember how you really feel from day to day, and might help you see patterns in your life.
  • Call a friend once a week: People with strong support networks have lower stress levels and health risks

Rally Challenges

Challenges are walking activities designed to get you moving and to help you stick to your goals!  

Explore destinations around the U.S. using your own steps on a virtual course. Sync your personal fitness device (whether it be a mobile App, Fitbit, or pedometer) to track your daily progress. To get credit for this activity, make sure you hit your daily milestones for the entire length of the challenge!

Rally Coaching Calls 

Work with a BlueCross health coach to set specific goals and achieve a healthier lifestyle. Health coaching can focus on chronic disease management, behavioral health, weight management, tobacco-free living, stress management and more. To enroll and get connected to the right health coach for you, call 855-838-5987.

Rally Rewards

EPI’s exclusive Rally Rewards Program allows our users to earn fun cash prizes in the form of gift cards or HRA funds based on your Medical plan! Each of the following activities has an associated reward.  Complete the activity to earn the reward.  It’s that easy!

  • Complete your Health Survey     PPO Members: $25 gift card     HIP Members: $300 HRA funds   
  • Have an Annual Physical (with in-network doctor or OBGYN)     PPO Members: $25 gift card     HIP Members: $300 HRA funds   
  • Complete 3 Rally Missions     PPO & HIP Members: $25 gift card   
  • Complete a Rally Challenge     PPO & HIP Members: $25 gift card     
  • Complete 4 Health Coaching Calls     PPO & HIP Members: $30 gift card     
  • Have a Preventive Screening (with in-network doctor)     PPO & HIP Members: $25 gift card

Rally Coins

You can also rack up Rally Coins every time you interact with the program. For almost everything you do in Rally — completing your health survey, even just logging in —you will earn coins. You can use those coins to enter sweepstakes for chances to win cool prizes like an Apple Watch™, Sonos® speakers, and gift cards!

Am I eligible for Rally?Any employee enrolled in a BCBS Medical Plan offered by EPI is eligible to register for Rally.
How do I register for Rally?Visit SouthCarolinaBlues.com Log in to My Health Toolkit® Select Wellness, then Rally
How do I access my Rally Rewards gift card?Access the Gift Card Marketplace by selecting “Redeem Credits” from the Rewards tab. Select your gift card choice from the Marketplace and click “Add to Cart” then “Check Out,” then “Confirm.” You will receive an email with a link to redeem your gift card!
Are Rally HRA rewards instantly funded?When you take the Rally Health Survey, $300 is automatically funded to your HRA account. When you get your annual physical, the $300 claims-based reward may take up to several weeks to be processed into your HRA account.
Is there a limit to how many Rally Rewards I can earn?You can earn one reward per activity per year. You will be able to earn a new reward every calendar year. However, you can participate in as many activities as you like!
How do I download the Rally Mobile App? First register for Rally by visiting SouthCarolinaBlues.com, logging into My Health Toolkit, and selecting Wellness then Rally. Once you are registered, download the Rally Mobile App and log in using the same criteria from your registration.

Get easy access to Rally in the palm of your hand! First register for Rally via SouthCarolinaBlues.com before downloading the mobile app, then use your Rally login criteria to access it. The Rally App features include:

  • Set reminders and notifications
  • Use Really Coins to earn great rewards
  • Safe and secure
  • Available for iPhone and Android

There are even exclusive bonuses available when engaging on your phone!

Download the app


To Get Started:

1) Visit SouthCarolinaBlues.com

2) Log in to My Health Toolkit®

3) Select Wellness, then Rally