Short-Term Disability 

When you miss work due to a personal illness or injury, you may want to protect your income. Short-Term Disability Insurance provides you with that protection as well as helps you cover expenses during your disability.


Plan Type: Income Replacement
Group Number: 52840
Phone: 800.842.1718
Eligibility: After 12 months of continuous employment
Effective Date:  After 12 Months of continuous employment
*State-specific STD regulations may apply for some employees

Short Term Disability Insurance is a voluntary benefit for eligible employees where EPI pays 50% of the premium. Eligible employees will be auto-enrolled. The coverage will run for up to 90 days, upon which point Prudential will review the employee for Long Term Disability.

Your weekly Short Term Disability benefit will be 60% of your weekly pre-disability earnings, up to a maximum of $1,731, less deductible sources of income. If you meet the definition of disability, your benefits will begin on the 8th day following a non-occupational injury or the 8th day following a non-occupational sickness.

Is PTO Salary Continuance exhausted before Short-Term DIsability begins payment?No, Salary continuation is paid in conjunction with your Short term Disability. This means that your Short-Term Disability and your Salary Continuation begin on the same date. Short-Term Disability will pay 60% of your salary beginning on the 8th day of your disability and Salary Continuance will pay 40% of your salary (one week for each completed year of service) beginning on the 8th day of your disability. Once your Salary Continuance is exhausted your disability will continue to pay 60% of your salary. We do not require employees to exhaust any PTO prior to STD, they have the option to use it to cover the elimination period so that they can stay whole. If they so desire. If they have none it is unpaid and then the process kicks in. no PTO is accrued during STD.

If you decide to opt out of the plan, you must do so in writing by emailing within 30 days of enrollment.

Use the disability insurance needs calculator to determine how much disability insurance you need.

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