Financial Wellness

COMING SOON:  A financial wellness program brought to you by EPI’s partnership with Prudential Pathways!  

What’s Financial Wellness?  The peace of mind felt when your saving and spending are balanced.  Achieve it through the following program initiatives that will be launched in 2018:


  • Online Financial Wellness Center – This online portal will let you know where you stand financially by allowing you to explore educational articles and videos, as well as use interactive tools that can help you spend, plan, and protect your money and assets.  Personalize your experience based on your most important goals.  Each time you visit, you’ll see content just for your needs.
  • Onsite Education – Learn ways to manage day-to-day finances, achieve important financial goals, and protect against key financial risks by participating in onsite seminar series delivered by experienced financial professionals!  Prudential also offers single 1 hours sessions covering 25 financial topics intended for every demographic.