Employees can access their personal information, address and phone numbers, pay stubs, tax withholdings and W-2 information, life events and Time Management through Ultipro. Employees can also see their PTO balances and requests if they use Time Management. Ultipro houses our Intranet page that includes special announcements or reminders, benefit information, organizational charts and employee handbooks.
Default Credentials: Username: First initial, last name, last 4 of SSN (ex: jdoe1234)Password: Date of Birth (MMDDYYYY format)
I need to change/enroll in my BenefitsLog into Ultipro and then choose Life Events and then choose either "I am a new employee", "I am a rehire", “Add/Remove Dependent” or “My Benefit Status has changed” not "OPEN ENROLLMENT"
Where do I go to enrollVisit:  e31.UltiPro.com 
I tried to change/enroll in my benefits but it says “You are not eligible for any sessions”Contact Benefits Support: benefitsupport@eveningpostindustries.com
UltiPro won’t let me submit my enrollmentsYou haven’t completed all the mandatory elections.
My dependent/beneficiary isn’t visible? That information is not in our system. Please send proof documents/beneficiary form to benefitsupport@eveningpostindustries.comand we will enter that information in.
What if I want to decline benefit(s)?Log into Ultipro and then choose Life Events and then choose either "I am a new employee", "I am a rehire", “Add/Remove Dependent” or “My Benefit Status has changed” not "OPEN ENROLLMENT".
I can’t see all of the medical plan optionsMake sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.
What is a Qualifying Event?A change in family status is one of the following: Marriage Divorce Death of spouse or child Birth or adoption of child Termination or commencement of employment of spouse Switching from part-time status to full-time status (or vice-versa) by the employee or spouse Taking an unpaid leave of absence by the employee or spouse Significant change in the health coverage of employee or spouse due to spouses employment
How do I cancel a benefit that I am enrolled in?You can’t stop them outside having a Qualifying Event or Open Enrollment (usually in November)
I just found out one of my dependents isn't covered how do I get them enrolledLog into:and then choose “Life Events”. Choose “Add/Remove Dependent”, within 30 days of when they lost coverage. Proof of loss must be submitted to benefitsupport@eveningpostindustries.com to finalize.
I just enrolled and I want to be sure it went throughWhen you log into Ultipro and select the Life Event if the enrollment status: “In Progress” is showing, you haven’t finalized and submitted your elections. “Pending Approval” means you have successfully completed your enrollment and it is waiting for EPI Benefits team to finalize. “Approved” means you have completed and your elections have been accepted and processed by the EPI Benefits Team.


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It is important that you take steps to educate yourself on all employee benefit plan options and rewards. It is your responsibility to complete your benefits election in Ultipro, no later than 30 days from eligibility.