We strive to make Evening Post Industries the best place to work!  We have been family-owned since 1895 and we take great pride in that fact.  For more than 120 years, we have embraced and adapted to technologies that transformed the world, from the automobile, to the airplane, to the telephone, and most recently the Internet.  Like a family, we have had our challenges.  We have endured the upheaval of World Wars, the Great Depression, the Great Recession of 1973, and the Financial Crisis of 2008.  Through every setback, we returned even stronger.  And that sense of resiliency and adaptability fundamentally shapes our approach to benefits.

Many companies today do a great job pitching the bells and whistles of their benefits, but a closer look often reveals little substance.  At Evening Post, we think and act differently.  In addition to providing an excellent medical plan, a generous 401k match, and a flexible PTO framework, we spend significant time and money on making sure our colleagues can protect their most precious asset: their families.

For that reason, we focus on providing benefits that most employees may not always think about but always appreciate when life throws them a curveball.  It is why participants in our medical insurance plan receive 2x their salary in life insurance coverage (paid 100% by the company).  It is why our company pays 100% of the premium for all benefits of eligible employees to have generous long-term disability insurance.  And it is why we offer a range of affordable supplemental insurance coverages that are often not available to individuals on the open market.

From parental leave to innovative wellness initiatives to retirement planning, we have a benefit that will help keep you on course for your future.  Thank you for being part of the Evening Post family!